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Conditions of use

Terms & Conditions


All orders are carried out by these terms & conditions, acknowledgement receipt order by you, combine to form your acceptance company terms and conditions and contract.

Terms for Payment

All payment must be made in full; every successful payment will be given an invoice at the end.


Company has all the rights to offer discounts. Please contact our administration in case of discount code not working.


VAT is calculated according to EU VAT. Where applicable all the products are subjected to VAT. Some of the products are exempted from VAT. If your invoice includes VAT, buyer has to pay VAT before delivery of product & services.

Company reserves the right to take necessary steps, such as help from third party on court proceedings, if overdue accounts are not paid on time.

Until payments are received, all goods and services whether delivered to you or not are remain on company property.


Company reserves the right to change any details of the products advertised with or without notice. Company maintain the accuracy of the product. The product shown on advertisement and the real one might vary; company does not take any responsibility of accuracy.


When the Quote is been given from then the quote is valid for one month only. The price or quote including the advertised offers can be change at any time without notice. Our quotations are been given are subject to change when there are changes in the law or any government changes made us to change the prices. All our prices are current costs of production.


All the exercise will be done to deliver your goods on time, the dates mentioned are the best estimated dates and no liability is accepted in case of delay or error in delivering goods. We try to deliver to all the goods in 3-5 working days with in the UK.

If your goods are delayed due to the non payment Print Art for U has no responsibility in those circumstances. The full payment must be done before delivery takes place and it should be looked after by the customer.  Any international deliveries might vary the delivery date due the custom clearance and local government restrictions may be applied on import and exports. And we do not take any responsibility in paying extra changes if applied by the customs.


In case of any defect in the printing we reserve the right to reprint the work and not liable to refund.

If we think that we need to refund we credit your account.

When you want to refuse the product and we offer you to replace the work you must accept the offer otherwise you should give us reasonable explanation why you are refusing.

If you find the defect in the work, you must approach us first before changing or repairing that with others. When you go for any other party to re do our work in such case you are not entitled to any remedy from Print Art for U.

If the customer is buying for an individual, in such case the consumer can cancel within seven days. The goods must be returned us in the same condition with in seven days of cancel.

All refunds will take place in 3-5 working days to complete in case of Print Art for U agreed for any refund. Before Cancellation if any work is been done, the cost will be deducted from the refund.


All the complaints must be done within 2 days from you receive the goods. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any more information.